High Risk For Homeless As Matthew Sweeps Up U.S. Southeast Coast

High risk for homeless as Matthew sweeps up U.S. southeast coast

WELLINGTON, Fla. (Reuters) - As Hurricane Matthew bore down on Florida's Atlantic coast, Richard Hatfield, who is homeless and makes ends meet by panhandling and doing odd jobs, was desperate to get inside to safety. He contacted emergency officials in Palm Beach County, who sent a bus to pick him up in the increasingly high winds accompanying the hurricane's approach, bringing the 58-year-old to safety as part of the difficult outreach to a homeless population that is acutely vulnerable to such killer storms. "All my stuff was blowing away in the wind and I was concerned about the storm because I had no place to go. Nowhere," Hatfield said on Friday at a hurricane shelter in Wellington. By Friday, the hurricane had killed more than 800 people and left tens of thousands homeless in Haiti before lashing Florida, killing at least one person there before rolling northward, triggering mass evacuations…

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Homeless Get A Helping Hand In Dealing With Hurricane Matthew, But Some Don’t Want It

Homeless get a helping hand in dealing with Hurricane Matthew, but some don’t want it

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on South Carolina and residents leave per Gov. Nikki Haley’s evacuation order, homeless shelters are preparing for those who choose to stay. “We have secured everything that is around each one of the shelters to make sure that everything is secure,” said Kathy Jenkins, executive director at New Directions. The organization operates a men’s shelter, a women’s shelter and family shelter. None of the shelters were subject to an evacuation order as of Thursday night. “The evacuation plan is tied in with Coast RTA,” said Jenkins. “Coast RTA is evacuating people who do not have evacuation and that evacuation started at noon. If they evacuate Zone B, and all of our shelters are in Zone B, then we will follow suit with Coast RTA to get our people out as well.” In Horry County, some of the transient population are being sent to Ocean Bay…

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