Jessica, Louis, & Mason’s Story

Jessica and Louis have been married for 7 years. 5 years ago, before they were homeless, they had a baby born with a heart condition. The death of that child, only 2 hours after birth, was the moment their life fell apart. At the time, they lived with family in Pennsylvania who were unable to process such devastating loss and blamed Jessica and Louis for the death of their baby. The couple left PA to start a new life in SC and overcome their grief, but their plans didn’t work out and they soon became homeless. In 2018, they were expecting again, living out of their car for the entire pregnancy. Mason was born premature, and placed in the NICU, with the same heart condition as Jessica and Louis’ deceased child. When Jessica and Louis came to our shelter, Mason had just had open heart surgery at three months old. Prior to this they were staying at another shelter, but were only allowed to stay 90 days. Despite their son’s situation, no exception was made and their family was back on the streets again.

Things started to look up for Jessica, Louis, and Mason after their case manager connected them with mental health therapy, a social security advocate, a marriage counselor, and signed them up for housing programs. For the first time in years, they had a safe and consistent place to stay with the resources that they needed to secure a better life for themselves and their son. During their stay with us, 4 potential apartments for their family fell through, some of them due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. After months of waiting, Jessica, Louis, and Mason finally moved into their apartment, the first place of their own in more than 5 years. Thanks to their case manager, on-going services have been set up to help them continue to be successful.

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