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We are always looking for new designers to create unique entries for Compassion Through Fashion. No experience required – our designers come from all walks of life and are just as unique as the entries they create – local artists, creators, and the fashionably inclined; members of community groups, churches, and clubs; non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, and families.


Any individual who wishes to create a fun, inventive, original fashion ensemble using recyclable materials. Individuals may represent themselves, a local business, organization, or facility.


  1. Download the Designer Application Form or read the rules below
  2. Submit the Designer Agreement (attached in designer application or by completing the form below.
  3. Create a unique design that follows the rules below.

Fashions must be wearable and durable enough to last through the fashion show. Creations should strive to be fashionable, well made and in good taste. All fashions must be non-vulgar, harmless and must cover all private body parts. The outfit must be worn by a model on a runway and should not be a hazard. The model must be able to ascend and descend stairs while wearing the entry. Store bought shoes are allowed. Excluded Materials: ABSOLUTELY No Glitter Allowed

A panel of judges will vote on the following awards:
• Best in Show
• Most Intricate Design
• Most Wearable
• Most Creative
• Haute Couture
• Best Themed
• Most Entertaining

Non-Judged Awards: (Winning a non-judged category is completely up to you!)
• People’s Choice Award – audience voting during the show (the more friends and family you invite to CTF the better chance you have at winning!)
• Most Funds Raised – opportunity to fundraise prior and during the event (start fundraising early for your best chance at winning!)


• Tape
• Yarn
• String
• Glue
• Staples
• Thread
• Coffee Filters

• Straws
• Plastic Cutlery
• Wrapping Paper
• Sponges
• Paper Doilies
• Balloons
• Wires

• Plastic Bottles
• Seashells
• Dry Pasta
• LED Lights
• Brochures
• Paint Swatches
• Stuffed Animals

Compassion Through Fashion Designer Sign-up

By submitting this form and participating as a designer in New Directions' Compassion Through Fashion event, I am agreeing to the following(Required)
1. All rules as noted in the Designer Application Packet will be enforced, and the fundraising committee chair reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify any competitor. 2. All funds raised for this event directly benefit the services of New Directions of Horry County 3. Permission is granted to use and reproduce, in print or electronic format, any and all photographs which have been taken for Compassion Through Fashion for any publicity purpose for internal or external release, without compensation.

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