How To Go Over The Edge

Step 1: Sign Up

If you haven’t already, sign up here:

Step 2: Create A Facebook Fundraiser or Fundraising Page

If you use social media regularly, creating a Facebook Fundraiser may be the easiest way for you to reach your fundraising goal. We also offer our own fundraising pages through our giving system, Kindful, which is similar to a GoFundMe page, that you can share with friends and family by copying and sharing the link to your custom page or directing them to “support a rappel” on our website (great for email sharing or getting people to support you who may not be on Facebook!)

Please use whichever method works best for you (or both if you want to!). While having a fundraising page isn’t mandatory – it really helps get the word out that you are going over the edge to get others to support you.


Link to Create a Facebook Fundraiser for New Directions

Link for Instructions on how to Create a Facebook Fundraiser


Link to Create a Fundraising Page

How To Create a Fundraising Page in Kindful

Step 3: Donate to your Facebook Fundraiser or Fundraising Page to get the ball rolling

Step 4: Let Everyone Know You’re Going Over The Edge and Fundraise, Fundraise, Fundraise!

Share your fundraising page on social media, call your buddies, email your coworkers, and let everyone know that you’ve making a brave commitment to help the less fortunate in our community (Pro-Tip: Make a short video on why you’re going over the edge to share, send, post, and email. You can even upload this video to your fundraising page!)

Aim to raise $100 per week, and you’ll be right on target to meeting your $1,000 minimum to secure your spot! The Over The Edge fundraising toolkit has LOTS of tips, tricks, and ideas to help you get there. (PS – Social Media is KEY here but sending letters and letters are also VERY effective strategies to raise money)

Step 6: Go Over the Edge!

After April 27th, the deadline to reach your fundraising minimum, rappel times will be finalized. The sooner you reach your fundraising minimum prior to the date, the sooner you’ll have the chance to set your preference for a rappel time.



PS- When you view your page, you’ll be viewing it in edit mode. To view your page as others will see it when they view or donate, click “public page”. From there you can copy the url link, share to Facebook and Twitter, or donate.

People can also find your page on our main campaign site which they can also get you by clicking any of the “donate” or “support a rappel” buttons on our Over The Edge pages on our website (

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