Volunteering at Over The Edge


Separate from event volunteers, Rope Volunteers to assist our technical team on Media/VIP day and Event day. Experience working with rope preferred but open to anyone with an enthusiastic and safety conscious mindset. The highly trained technical staff at Over The Edge provide all training that they will need during a session on the day prior to the event. Rope Volunteers will be expected to:

  1. Watch a 1-hour online video before the event (if first time as Ropes Volunteer)
  2. Attend a 3-hour training session on Media/VIP day (if first time as Ropes Volunteer)
  3. Volunteer all day on event day
  4. Rope volunteers will get to rappel the building as part of their training; time/weather permitting.



Registration volunteers check-in participants when they arrive during their scheduled registration time, ensuring they have a completed waiver, collecting any droppable items (phones, keys, coins, etc.), and receiving any last minute donations before sending them on to staging. These volunteers are the help maintain the flow from registration to staging, keeping participants and the event on schedule.


Guides direct guests and lead participant groups through different stages of the event: Outside to Lobby, Lobby to Registration, Registration to Staging, Staging to Training (roof), making sure everyone knows where to go. and maintaining a flow / schedule between groups


Landing Zone volunteers meet rappelers at ground to help them take off their gear and run it back to the staging room for the next participants


Roof Top Security volunteers are assertive and confident individuals, ensuring that only waiver volunteers, participants, and OTE staff can access the roof.


Key communicator between announcer/MC regarding who is rappelling, when they go over and what rope they are on. This volunteer will also help keep participants in order while they wait to go over the edge


Pitch in wherever needed to ensure Over The Edge runs smoothly!

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