Back to Life Program

It is a common misconception that homelessness could be completely eradicated if we simply provided enough temporary and permanent housing to those in need.  What many fail to realize is that a loss of employment or housing is often the result of an underlying issue, such as addiction, mental illness, divorce, domestic violence, etc.   The New Directions Back to Life program is designed to help our clients confront and overcome those underlying issues through counseling, training, workshops, and personal growth opportunities.

Estimated Homeless Population
Homeless Served by New Directions in 1 Year
Minimum cost to reinstate driver's license in SC

Sometimes mistakes or bad decisions can have lasting effects, even after underlying issues have been resolved.  Some common issues our clients face include missing legal documents, license suspensions, convictions that hinder job placement, lack of dependable childcare, and other barriers that can slow a recovery.  New Directions has the tools, connections, and resources to help knock down these barriers and help our clients fully participate in their community. 

We’ve found that reintegrating into society after such an emotionally taxing experience can sometimes be difficult for our clients. To help combat this fear and anxiety New Directions has developed socialization and life skills courses that provide the tools and strength to get back to life. Along with learning important social and communication skills it is important to understand how the modern workplace operates. We are able to prepare our clients to re-enter the workforce through job training and extensive personal skills development. Through our partnerships with many local employers we are able to assist many of our clients with temporary and permanent employment. This aspect of our Back to Life program is integral for many to overcome homelessness.

Dedicated Temporary Housing Facilties
Dedicated Full Time Staff Members

As a client enters the final phases of the New Directions Back to Life program we begin to explore temporary or permanent housing solutions.  Our dedicated in-house case managers are on hand to speak with each client and help them navigate the re-integration process.